About Judge Boora

His Honour Judge Boora is a Circuit Judge, Community and Diversity Judge and Judicial Mentor. Judge Jinder Singh Boora is an experienced Circuit Judge. He is a regular speaker at legal, judicial and community events to encourage diversity in the legal profession.

This reflects his own non traditional path into the law.

He has worked with the Social Mobility Foundation, the Muslim Women’s Network, the Geese Theatre, the Ministry of Justice and the Judicial Office. Judge Jinder Singh Boora is a Diversity and Community Relations Judge and a Judicial Mentor. In these roles he seeks to work with disadvantaged communities to remove barriers to entry into the law and to make the law accessible to the communities it serves.

He also acts as an interview panel member for the Judicial Appointments Commission.

Judge Jinder Singh Boora’s main interests are travel, cricket, music and Sikh history.

He has a passion for Sikh religion, history, culture and music. Judge Jinder Singh Boora plays the guitar, sitaar and the tabla.

Judge Boora

Judge Boora bio

Jinder Singh Boora is a British born judge of Sikh ancestry. He was educated in the state sector and was the first person in his family to study at university.

After a successful career at the bar undertaking insurance litigation and insidious disease claims, he became a judge in 2014. Jinder is a passionate Vegan and environmentalist. Jinder’s hobbies are Sikh history, art and classical South Asian and R & B African American music.

He plays the sitaar, guitar and tabla. Jinder is an expert on international law relating to human rights and animal welfare. He speaks multiple languages including Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi and Turkish. Visit: jindersinghboora.co.uk